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Using a combination of CBT, DBT, and EMDR techniques and therapy, my goal is to help those who are struggling to overcome negative core beliefs and the pressures of society begin to see their experiences in a new light and break free from the thoughts and behaviors that are holding them back from living their fullest life.


I choose not to define people by diagnosis, rather by their life experiences, culture, and desires for their life. I work with each client to create personalized strategies to improve all areas of health and wellness.

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Education services are available to schools, parents, therapists, and community organizations who would like to learn more about the children they serve. Online, self-paced course offerings & webinars vary and will be updated quarterly.

For more information about offerings, click "contact me" below.  To keep up-to-date on course offerings and for other helpful tips on working with children and adolescents, visit the blog page (coming soon!).


Supervision services are available for LCMHC-A therapists in the state of North Carolina.  Click "contact me" to inquire about my approach to supervision and what is included in your supervision sessions.


Consultation services are available to assist mental health and medical professionals who need additional information on a particular diagnosis or area of concern.  Click "contact me" to to submit your inquiry.

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My name is Elizabeth and I have worked in the field of counseling & education for 15 years as a teacher, school counselor, college counselor, and private practice clinician.  I work with clients using a person-centered approach, and CBT, DBT, & EMDR strategies to help them recognize their strengths and abilities to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma, navigate life transitions, and improve relationships.  In addition to therapy, I also provide supervision services, teach as an adjunct instructor, and am a mental health consultant to Head Start. 


I specialize in working with adolescents and young adults as they navigate critical life transitions. My doctoral dissertation focused on the role of the school in cultivating a climate conducive to successful social-emotional, personal, and academic transitions for middle school students.  I also advocate for the role of counselors as mental health professionals in public education and speak on related subjects. 

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